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just some random moments in the past.
1. The official dedication ceremony for Frances gift of the "New Colossus" was in 1886, but the idea had been in the works since 1865, when French politician Edouard Rene Lefebvre de Laboulaye decided France should do something to honor the U.S. after the Civil War. The statue was built overseas and shipped to the U.S. in pieces. If youre leaning toward some large statuary like this for your brother from another country, you should probably warn him that hes going to need to clear some yard space.
2. Think your neighbor is going a little Walter White on you? Before you call the DEA, try gifting him with a bugged Great Seal of the United States. In 1945, the Young Pioneer organization of the Soviet Union presented U.S. Ambassador Averell Harriman with a Great Seal, hand-carved from wood, as a gesture of friendship. Their definition of friendship was a little dysfunctional, though, because the gift contained a bug designed by famous Russian inventor Leon Theremin. The bug was hard to detect because it was extremely thin, gave off no signal and had no power supply this was amazing technology back in 1945, mind you. Harriman hung it in his office at the Ambassador's House, where the "Thing," as it was later called, went undiscovered until 1952 - three ambassadors later.
4. Hoover Dam outlet pipes
5. 1973 oil crisis, picnic on a highway

10. Taken by Nicphore Nipce, this is the first photograph ever taken which still exists. He called his method heliography sun writing and this photograph took 8 hours of exposure time hence sunlight on both sides of the building.
11. This photo was taken on April 18th, 1906. It is the most famous photograph of the devastation caused by the great fire and earthquake. It was taken by Arnold Genthe on a borrowed camera.
12. This is a photograph of breaker boys child labor used to separate coal from slate. This image helped lead the nation to outlaw child labor. The photo was taken by Lewis Hine who traveled the United States taking photographs of child laborers.
13. This was found in the personal album of an Einsatzgruppen soldier. It was labelled on the back "The last Jew of Vinnitsa". All 28,000 of the Jews living there were killed at the time.
14. U.S. troops begin their day in a daze after a third night of fierce fighting against North Vietnamese forces.

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