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A collection of the photographs of famous people before their death.
1. John Lennon-The man who shot Lennon, Mark David Chapman, appears in Lennon's last photo asking the musician to sign an autograph a few hours before the killing.
2. Biggie Smalls-This photo of Biggie Smalls, with close friend and collaborator Sean "P. Diddy" Combs, was taken right before his death after Biggie presented an award at the Soul Train Music Awards and left a party at the Petersen Automotive Museum on March 9, 1997. Leaving the party, Biggie was riddled with bullets in a drive-by-shooting and died.
3. Abe Lincoln-Records and accounts of Abraham Lincoln's last known photograph are varied. A few years ago, news circulated that a photo found in General Ulysses S. Grant's family album, showing the 16th United States President in front of the White House, may have been the last snapshot taken before his assassination in 1865. Other sources point to three photos taken by Henry F. Warren on the balcony of the White House on March 6, 1865.
4. Adolf Hitler-This last know picture of Hitler was taken approximately two days prior to his death as he stands outside his Berlin bunker entrance surveying the devastating bomb damage. With Germany lying in ruins after six years of war, and with defeat imminent, Hitler decided to take his own life. But before doing so, he married Eva Braun and then penned his last will and testament. The next day in the afternoon on April 30, 1945 Braun and Hitler' entered his living room to end their lives. Later that afternoon the remaining members of the bunker community found Hitler slumped over, and blood spilled over the arm of the couch. Eva was sitting at the other end. Hitler had killed himself by biting down on a cyanide capsule while shooting him self in the head. Eva only used the cyanide capsule.
5. Albert Einstein-Taken in March 1955 at his home in Princeton, New Jersey, a month before experiencing rupture of an aortic aneurysm.
6. Amelia Earhart-The Daily Mail recently published these previously unseen, rare photos of aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart in the final moments before her fateful flight in 1937. They were unearthed by a woman who almost tossed them in the trash and include snapshots of Earhart packing her bags, getting a haircut, reviewing weather charts, and making other preparations for her circumnavigational flight. Also pictured is the Lockheed Model 10 Electra that was built for the journey to her exact specifications.
7. Amy Winehouse-Just over a week before her death on July 23, 2011, Amy Whinehouse was photgraphed walking around near her home in North London. It later emerged that it may have been sudden alcohol withdrawl that killed her.
8. Chris Benoit-The last known photo of Chris Benoit, taken on a cell phone by a fan at Dr. Phil Astin's office on June 22nd, 2007. It was later determined that his wife was already dead by the time this photo was taken.
9. Anne Frank-This is believed to be the last known photo of Anne Frank with her sister Margot taken in early to mid 1942. Later that year In July her sister Margot would be among the first to receive notice that she was to be sent to Nazi Germany ordering her to report for relocation to a work camp. Anne was then told by her father that the family would go into hiding. The Frank family was discovered and arrested on the morning of August 4th 1944. Having been arrested in hiding, they were considered criminals and were sent to the Punishment Barracks for hard labor. In March 1945, a typhus epidemic spread through the camp and killed approximately 17,000 prisoners. Witnesses later testified that Margot fell from her bunk in her weakened state and was killed by the shock, and that a few days later Anne Frank died.

10. Bob Marley-The last known photograph of Bob Marley sees him hanging out with his family in Munich, Germany. The painfull frail reggae legend weighed just 77lbs in this pic and eventually succumbed to cancer on May 11, 1981
11. Elvis Presley-This is a snapshot of Elvis pulling into Graceland with girlfriend Ginger Alden August 16, 1977 after a visit with a dentist. The King had been suffering from health problems, but was set to start touring again, with a flight scheduled for that evening. Sadly, he never made it. He suffered a heart attack and passed away on the toilet at his home.
12. Freddy Mercury-Taken in 1991, before dying of bronchial pneumonia resulting from AIDS.
13. Mahatma Gandhi-Gandhi was on his way to address a prayer meeting when his assassin, Nathuram Godse, fired three bullets from a Beretta 9 mm pistol into his chest.
14. Heath Ledger-Ledger was last photographed smiling on the set of The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus in London, days before he was found overdosed on painkillers in his flat.

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