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These femme fatales can give any hot shot male a run for his money.
1. Anna Vasilyevna Kushchyenko, a.k.a. Anna Chapman. One of Russia's top spies turned lingerie model.
2. Samantha Lewthwaite, a.k.a. the White Widow. On Interpol's list of wanted criminals, she is a prominent Somali radical Islamic member of Al-Shabaab. She has been involved in the Nairobi mall massacre, the bar attack in Mombasa, and planned attack on a Kenyan resort. Over 100 have died by her hands.
3. Beverley Allitt. Britain's most hated serial killer is still alive. She murdered 4 children, attempted to murder another 3, and caused bodily harm to another 6, all without clear motive. She worked at a hospital and killed by administering lethal injections, her youngest victim just 2 months old.
4. Juana Barraza, a.k.a. La Dama de Silencio. She was a pro wrestler, then murdered 11 elderly Mexican women and it's believed she's killed more. Juana is so slick authorities believed they were looking for a man for years. Although sentenced to 759 years, Mexican law states you can't serve more than 60.
5. Fusako Shigenobu. She was basically a Japanese terrorist who tried to follow suit with China and North Korea by forming a Red Army and urging the Japanese to have a revolution. She orchestrated the 1974 attack on a French embassy in The Hague, and the hijacking of TWA flight 840.
6. Biljana PlavA?iA. She was the highest-ranking Bosnian-Serb political sentenced for war crimes during the Bosnian War of the early 90's. Up to 25,000 Serbs were ethnically cleansed by Bosnia-Herzegovnia. Many of those deaths were initiated by PlavA?iA, who claimed it was a "natural thing".
7. Claudia Ochoa Felix. Dubbed the "Kim Kardashian" of the Mexican gang scene, she is supposedly the leader of S.A. hit group Los Antrax. She's a multimillionaire who travels with a group of guards, and her group has reportedly murdered up to 300.
8. Colonel Fanette Umuraza, a.k.a. the Number One Queen. She was second in command of the Congolese Rev. Army and was behind a slew of war crimes including rape, murder, and forced recruitment of children. She committed atrocities with such a lack of empathy she would get manicures and facials while waiting for adults and children to die.
9. Katherine Knight. She is the first Australian woman to be given life without parole. She started with slitting the throat of her boyfriend's dog in front of him. Then she stabbed him for falling asleep during sex. Finally, she killed, decapitated, and skinned him, and boiled his body parts to feed to his children.

10. Maria Licciardi, a.k.a. La Madrina. She was the head of one of the most feared Mafia syndicates in Naples, the Camorra. She oversaw the enslavement of hundreds of women into prostitution, bombed a prosecutor's office, ordered murders, and began a clan war in which over 100 were killed due to car bombs and bazooka shots.

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