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There are a lot of great female players
1. Vanessa Rousso is French and US citizen who is currently studying law at the University of Miami. She started playing poker when she was just 5 years of age and is trying to balance her poker career with studying at the moment. She has had 6 first place finishes and hoped to be able to make women’s poker events more conductive to skilled play by allowing slower pace and bigger starting stacks. Her career winning are almost $3.5 million.
2. Annette Obrestad is just 27 years of age and was raised in Norway. After watching a television advertisement for an online poker site she started playing free money games. After winning a freeroll tournament for real money, she began her career. She was known worldwide while she was still in her teens. When she turned 18 she entered her first live table events and soon entered the 2007 World series of Poker Europe and won the tournament with a prize of ?1 million. She went on to play many other events with good results and has won $3.3 million dollars throughout her career.
3. Vanessa Selbst is a US professional poker player who won the 2008 world series of poker $1,500 pot limit Omaha event. She has made three finals and two heads up semi finals in the World Series of Poker. She has had 11 first place finishes in total and won two WSOP bracelets. Her total tournament winnings exceed seven million dollars and she is just 31 years of age.
4. Kathy Liebert is a 48 year old American professional poker player. She has 1 WSOP bracelet and won money at more than 36 major international tournaments. She started playing when she was 12 and has had 13 first place finishes in tournaments including the $1,500 Hold ‘Em Shoot Event at the 2004 World Series of Poker which was worth $110,180.
5. Jennifer Harman Traniello is a US poker player who has amassed over $2.5 million in prize money. She is 50 years old now, but started winning at poker at the age of eight years. She is one of the most feared players in the game and has two WSOP bracelets. She has had four first place finished in her professional career which she started in the mid 80’s.
6. Liv Boeree is a British model and TV presenter and started off playing poker in a reality TV show which led her to a poker career. She has had two first place finishes including the EPT making her the third woman to have ever done so. She also won a Caesars Palace event which gave her a $19,000 entry to the 2007 5 Diamond Classic tournament at the Bellagio. Her total winnings are $2.2 million.
7. Sandra Naujoks is from Berlin and a tough poker player. She is the European Player of the Year and has had two first place finishes in her career. At just 34 years old she has also got the title of European Poker Tour Champion under her belt and was the second female to ever achieve this. She has won $1.8 million in total and most recently won over $11,000 in the France Poker Series Main Event No Limit Hold’em.
8. Mimi Tran was born in Vietnam but now lives in California. She started player poker in 1989 after being taught by her boyfriend in exchange for teaching him to speak Vietnamese. She did not start by playing in tournaments but since she started in 1998 she has won over $1.5 million, most recently coming 50th in the LA Poker Classic WPT Event Season 11 with a prize of $21,840.
9. Victoria Coren is a UK television presenter and author as well as a newspaper columnist. She won the 2004 Celebrity Poker Challenege and was the first ever woman to win an EPT events. Her total winnings are over $1.3 million and she has had two first place finishes.

10. Annie Duke came from a home where her father and brother continued to beat her at poker. This taught her well and she has now won a WSOP bracelet, has had four first place finishes and over $2 million in total winnings. She started playing at the age of 22 and now at the age of 50, continues to play making sure she has enough time to spend with her four children as well.

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