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Facts you could have gone without knowing before you found out you could know them.
1. Whenever you enjoy a nice, cold glass of water, you're drinking dinosaur pee.
2. Female kangaroos have not one, not two, but THREE vaginas.
3. Dragonflies have shovel shaped penises, which allows them to scoop out rival dragonfly sperm.
4. Proving that we're not that different from monkeys: apparently the male rhesus monkey will actually forgo nourishment to see pictures of female rhesus monkey butts.
5. While traveling through an average subway station, approximately 15% of the air you inhale has traces of human skin.
6. 48% of soda fountains found in fast food establishments contain bacteria that grew in fecal matter.
7. Apparently infant foreskins have many uses. Not only has the foreskin fibroblast been used in medical applications such as skin grafts, they've also been used in the manufacturing of face cream.
8. You know that hairspray you use everyday? Apparently in 2008, scientists discovered a new bacteria species that LIVES in your hairspray.
9. Apparently you can clean your teeth with urine. The Romans did it!

10. There is actually a cheese that contains live maggots. It comes from Sardinia, and because the maggots can jump up to five inches out of the cheese, you're supposed to shield your eyes while eating it.

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