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Awesome facts about the founding member of the fab four.
1. He Was the Best Man at Peter Boyle's Wedding - That's right, the famous Beatle stood by his buddy Peter Boyle (the dad from Everybody Loves Raymond) as he recited his vows.
2. He Was a Huge B-52s Fan - When the B-52s song 'Rock Lobster' was released, Lennon thought it was going to change the way music was written, calling it 'the best song ever'.
3. He Was an Avid Monopoly Player - He would play the board game everywhere he went in the early Beatles days. He had rituals like standing up when he threw the dice. Also, he obsessed over owning Boardwalk and Park Place.
4. He Collected Beatles Memorabilia - Not only fans were swooping up every Beatle related item they could find. Lennon was known to have a large collection of his own.
5. He Was a Guest on Mondy Night Football - The other guest of the December 9th, 1974 show was then-governor Ronald Reagan. Just a few years after the interview, Howard Cosell broke the news of his murder on the show. See video of the interview and announcement here
6. He Was a Terrible Driver - He was the last Beatle to learn to drive and reported by people who knew him to be a terrible driver. He gave up driving after crashing his car on his way to Ireland, having to receive seventeen stitches after the accident.
7. His Mother Was Killed by an Off-Duty Policeman - John was raised by his aunt Mimi, but would visit his mother where he was exposed to rock n' roll and blues. His mother Julia was hit by an off-duty constable who was acquitted of any wrongdoing at his trial.
8. The Airport in Liverpool Was Renamed After Him - In 2001 the Liverpool Airport was renamed, The Liverpool John Lennon Airport. A statue of a yellow submarine was erected in front of the building in 2005.
9. He'd Rather be in Monty Python- Lennon was quoted in saying he would rather be in Monty Python than The Beatles

10. He Had a Psychic on His Staff - John and Yoko retained a psychic on their staff to help them with business decisions. The psychic reportedly made as much as they couples attorney and accountant.

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