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Playboy is over 60 years old but still kicking.
1. While many models, actresses and singers fight to be on a cover of Playboy, Pamela Anderson was on the cover 10 times- that's a record.
2. Playboy for the blind? That's a real thing, even thou somepeople claimed that this is outrageous. It has only jokes, no nude photos in braille, but when it got canned blind people demanded it back.
3. They say every woman wants to be in Playboy even if they deny it, but did you know there were TEN MEN on the covers over the years. Some where Burt Reynolds, Steve Martin, Leslie Nielsen, Gene Simmons, Seth Rogen and Bruno Mars.
4. Did you know Playboy is forbidden in China, but is also sold there from 1993? Not kidding. Chaifa Investments Ltd. has 300 Playboy stores in Continental China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.
5. Some claim Janet Lupo had the biggest breasts in the history of Playboy, but it was actually Rosemarie Hillcrest from October 1964 Playboy with 104-63-96.
6. Do you remember Playboy Clubs? First one was opened in Chicago in 1960. But after some trouble the last one was closed in 1986 and there are none now.
7. Did you know Hugh Hefner, creator of Playboy, had a thing for Marilyn Monroe, the first woman of the cover of Playboy in December 1953, even though he never met her in person. He even bought a crypt next to the place where Marilyn Monroe is buried, it was in 1992 and he paid 75 thousand dollars.
8. Hugh Hefner holds a record of being in charge of a magazine with over 60 years of doing so.
9. Christie Hefner, Hugh's daughter, was chairman and chief executive officer of Playboy Enterprises for 21 years because her father trusted her more than any man to do a good job.

10. The Playboy Enterprises is said to be worth 1 BILLION DOLLARS in it's prime. Some claim it's trouble came in three stages: 1. other magazines like Penthouse or Hustler that showed more in a more direct way; 2. VHS that made nudity available on TV when you wanted it (the kids and wife were asleep); 3. the internet. Playboy is still worth around 80 million dollars, not bad but not even close to 1 billion, don't you think?

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