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Why are you selling this?
1. Heidi's Fruit Flirtations - Although it was marked as healthy with zero carbs, these little candies like all others are packed with sugar. Also, Heidi says it is her favorite candy, which is hard to believe since it wasn't available until she said, "Oh hey, maybe I'll make some fruit snacks!"
2. Limoncello - Danny Devito decided to share recipes of his homeland with his bottled, pre-mixed, Italian limoncello. This product also has a hilarious song which you can find on YouTube.
3. Sylvester Stallone's High Protein Pudding - Coming from an ex-pornstar (Stallone), this joke really just writes itself.
4. Crystal Head Vodka - Dan Akroyd's product is probably the most successful on the list, however when one thinks of high-end vodka, you don't usually think of an aging Canadian comic.
5. Dwight Yoakam's Chicken Fries - Yoakam actually has a long line of fat-fueled products, however after seeing him in SLING BLADE, it is kind of hard to eat that monster's appetizers.
6. MMMhops - A play on the hit song of the nineties, this beer is from the band/brothers Hanson. We tried a bottle of the boy-band-brew in the office and just like the group it was tremendously disappointing.
7. PASTAMANIA! - Only Hulk Hogan could trick us into buying overpriced pasta in a supermall.
8. Pimp Juice - Marked as "hip-hop's number 1 energy drink", Pimp Juice was introduced by rapper Nelly in 2003. The best amazon review of the product reads, "While I have come to respect Nelly as one of the greatest artists of our time, as a beverage producer, he leaves much to be desired."
9. Sugarpova - Maria Sharapova introduced these little gummies with various shapes (including tennis balls) to less than favourable reviews from candy-snobs. The best Amazon review reads, "Tried really hard to like it but just couldn't."

10. Smokey Robinson Foods - Soul food from a soul man. Smokey Robinson has introduced a line of frozen dinners that consist of, chicken and sausage gumbo and down-home pot roast. What the king of soul music should know is that soul food is never frozen, always fresh.

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