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Even though these people are famous now, they had to endure some pretty crazy bullying.
1. People magazine notes that the Demi Lovato was bullied so badly that she ultimately had to seek treatment for an eating disorder she developed, along with her struggles with self injury through cutting. Through treatment and learning to love and appreciate herself, Lovato has overcome her past.
2. In a 2011 interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Lady Gaga told interviewer Brian Hiatt that she was often bullied for her looks in high school. While Gaga may have been ridiculed for being different, shes proven that being true to yourself will always get you farther in life than clinging to the flock.
3. In a 2012 interview with the Daily Mail, Banks told the paper about how a growth spurt that caused her to gain three inches in height and drop 30 pounds made her the target of every joke in school. While Banks may have been bullied in her youth, shes used that pain to drive her into being the successful and confident woman she is today.
4. Before his launch to stardom, Mirror notes that Zac Effron was known as a clumsy, dorky kid who never really fit in, making him a perfect target for bullies.
5. In a Spring 2009 issue of Teen Vogue, Taylor Swift told the magazine she struggled in junior high school because she was dumped by the popular crowd, leaving her to fend for herself. While no one deserves to be left behind by their friends, Swifts experiences have clearly helped her grow into an influential young artist who can relate to the day-to-day struggle of her fans.
6. Anna Kendrick told Bustle that if someone says shes ugly or unattractive, she retorts that most of her high school classmates would have agreed. It may be a unique way to combat the haters, but it lets Kenrick walk away with her head held high. Clearly she has more important things to worry about than what shallow people think.
7. Rihanna went through her share of awkward moments and has noted repeatedly that she was bullied throughout school. While Rihannas past with being bullied is more commonplace than it should be, she proves that if you focus on your passions, you will rise above the hate and come into your own.
8. Michael Phelps faced constant bullying in school but he didnt let that cut into his hours. Phelps was picked on for his looks throughout school, but he stayed focused on his dreams, working hard, and clearly got over the hateful comments of his peers. A fierce competitor who is a champion of dedication and persistence, Michael Phelps is an inspiration for anyone who may be facing bullying but is willing to go after their dreams.
9. As Madame Noire notes, before Kristin Kreuks days acting in superhero romance roles and slapstick comedy films, she was teased in school for everything that made her different from her classmates. While Kreuk endured constant bullying in school, she has proven that not believing what bullies say or letting them get under your skin can help shape you into the person you want to be. Resilience is a quality everyone needs to learn, and Kreuk has proven she has what it takes to stand up to her most fierce critics.

10. While Justin Timberlake has found great success as a singer and songwriter, he noted on Ellen that as a kid, he was made fun of because he was more into the arts and because he didnt care for more typical guy hobbies like sports. While stereotypes die hard, JT shows us that persistence and individuality will always top fitting in with the crowd.

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