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There is record of many celebrities speaking about the Illuminati
1. Whitney Houston - When the world-class songstresss died in 2012, people instantly blamed the Illuminati. Many believe that if she never became an Illuminati initiate, shed never have achieved the heights of fame she reached. According to researchers, her contract was up and her Illuminati masters did away with her while she was intoxicated on cocaine.
2. Ryan Dunn - One of the original cast members of Jackass, Ryan Dunn was found dead in a car crash in 2011. According to theorists, Dunn died on the eve of the summer solstice which is the sacrifice night for the Illuminati. And he died at 3 a.m. which is the hour of the devil.
3. Corey Haim - The 80s teen idol from The Lost Boys, collapsed and died in 2010 right in front of his mother. After his child-star fame, he succumbed to addiction. Reports said he died of pneumonia. But he makes the list of celebrities killed by Illuminati when you consider the 553 perscription pills he received 32 days before his death.
4. John Lennon - Allegedly, John Lennon simply became too famous and popular for his own good. Those at the head of the Illuminati resented his power. And when he spoke out against the evils of the music industry, they ordered his death. Lennons assassin was reportedly under Illuminati mind control during the killing.
5. John F. Kennedy - JFKs assassination has long been considered the work of the Illuminati. JFK along with most Presidents who enter the Oval Office, are suspected to be employed by the Illuminati. Supposedly, John F. Kennedy resisted the Illuminatis demands. So they had him killed on November 22, 1963.
6. Michael Jackson - On the verge of a sold out comeback concert, Michael Jackson died from homicide and cardiac arrest. While an allegedly loyal member of the Illuminati all his career, toward the end he started to speak out against the groups need for control. Because he said something, MJ was killed.
7. Martin Luther King, Jr. - Like John Lennon, MLK, Jr became too popular. And his power scared the Illuminati. When he started to speak about the benefits corporations would receive from the Vietnam War, the Illuminati ordered his death in April 1968.
8. Abraham Lincoln - Even back in the 1800s, big business was a huge problem. When he started to speak about how corporations took advantage of the American economy at its worst, the Illuminati had him killed.
9. John F. Kennedy, Jr. - When JFK, Jr died, many conspiracy theorists linked it to the Illuminati who had also killed his father, the former President. Allegedly, Jr. came across information that proved George HW Bush and the Illuminati conspired to kill his father. But before he could make the information go public, John F. Kennedy, Jr. died in a suspicious plane crash off the coast of Marthas Vineyard in 1999.

10. Tupac Shakur - As a black man from a poor background, Tupac faced an uphill battle for fame in the music industry, he allegedly sold his soul to the devil. By trading his life for fame, he had already become too popular by the age of 25. Because his point of view and that of the Illuminati were never on the same page, they took his life or so they say

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