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police cars
1. The perfect cover.
2. Napoleon Dynamitesville, Arkansas.
3. "Not only is America the only country with police hummers, we're also the only country where police hummers have dubs."
4. "So if you get arrested by this cop do you get to ride shotgun? "
5. Just because you write police on the side of your car doesn't mean it's official.
6. "Saw this on my drive home in Okmulgee Oklahoma. Budget must be thin or they really liked Super Troopers."
7. You'd think they'd skip this number for DARE cars kind of like hotels skip floor 13.
8. Not very original, but huge points for risk.
9. It's in case the police need to roll over twenty unoccupied cars while pursuing a suspect. Or in case there's a Carzilla attack somewhere.

10. Driver, open up the sun roof and chase down that perp.
11. "Uhh, ma'am... We're gonna need you to put your hands on the squad car."
12. pretty liberal D.A.R.E. program, eh?
13. "I have it all under control officer"
14. Pacific Blue often ignored the less glamorous side of being a bike cop

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