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Owww, right in the childhood.
1. "The Smurfs" is an allegory for white supremacy. Some people think their white caps look like KKK hoods, and Papa Smurf has a red cap like the red hood of "Grand Wizard"- the leader of each KKK branch.
2. The Smurfs are antisemitic. Another theory claims the Smurfs live in an Arian Utopia plagued by one man who looks like a stereotypical Jew. Peyo, the author of Smurfs said there is no ideology, they're just a bunch of little creatures with an enemy that looks like a creepy guy not a Jew. Those who believe the conspiracy theories respond "That's what a person who slips ideology in cartoons would say."
3. Donald Duck has PTSD. From The Journal of Cartoon Overanalyzations comes this diagnosis for Donald Ducks erratic behavior: he has Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, induced when he was a paratrooper in WWII. As the theorist notes, he seems to have fairly regular flashbacks, difficulty responding normally to social stimuli, and persistent symptoms of increased arousal (e.g. difficulty falling or staying asleep, anger and hypervigilance)."
4. "Aladdin" is set in the future. Heres another popular theory for you Aladdin fans. The Genie says hes been locked in his lamp for 10,000 years, right? He also tells Aladdin his clothes are so third century. Which, as many commenters have pointed out, would set the action of the movie in at least 10,300. So that explains all the flying carpets and magic just future tech made rare in a post-apocalyptic, semi-Arabic world.
5. Aladdin's Genie and the salesman are the same person. Remember the frame narrative at the beginning of Aladdin? Well, some enterprising viewers on Reddit have noticed some alarming similarities between the salesman, trying to pawn off what looks like the Genies lamp. Firstly, theyre both voiced by Robin Williams. Secondly, they both wear blue with a red sash at the waist. They have the same facial hair bushy eyebrows and a beard that ends in a little curl. But the clincher is this: theyre the only two characters in the film that have only four fingers. That would explain why the movie has elements that don't sit well with the past - we don't see the actual story, but the tale about what happened told by The Genie. The impressions of Jack Nicholson was simply added to the story by Genie to interest the tourists more, case solved.
6. In "Pinky and the Brain" Pinky is the smart one. The theme song says: "One is a genius The other's insane"; Pinky appears stupid, not insane while Brain clearly does. Pinky always foils Brain's plans to take over the world, he outsmarts him EVERY time, and saves the world. Not to mention when Brain calculated what makes his plans go bad the answer was Pinky, but then Pinky corrected the equation which now showed it was Brain himself that is the cause of his failure. Pinky corrected a genius, which shows his smarts. Also Brain isn't very good at reading while Pinky has no problems with it.
7. "Scooby Doo" takes time in a major economic depression. Notice how many abandoned houses, warehouses, stores and other buildings are in Scooby Doo? Also respected people like professors and museum curators are forced to steal. Remember how many times the gang saved someone from "going out of business"?
8. Tom and Jerry are British and German soldiers. Tommies was a slang for British soldiers, while British called Germans Jerries, because of their funny helmets, which was a slang name for potty chair. Jim McLennan writes: "I think its safe to assume, especially in the context of a series which began right around the time of the Battle of Britain, that the choice of these names was no accident, especially since it precedes the American entry into World War II. [...] Perhaps the most disturbing thing about this theory is that Jerry is the good guy, the peace-loving victim of Toms evil schemes, but who usually wins due to his superior intelligence. Read in a wartime context, the suggestion that violence isnt a solution goes beyond the subversive and borders on outright sedition". MGM said this is false: "Even at the height of the war, Tom and Jerry was a series almost entirely free of political commentary."
9. Each major character in "Spongebob" is on drugs. Spongebob's erratic behavior is said to be caused by meth, while Patrick asks stupid laughs for stupid reasons and has munchies because he's always high on Mary Jane. Squidward is supposed to be on heroin and Mr Krabs on coke. But looking at the meowing snails and underwater fires maybe it's the writers that are doing all those drugs?

10. "Courage the Cowardly Dog" has no monsters in it. Ever wondered why your dog barks at a bush? Maybe it sees that bush as a monster? This theory says that what we see is the way dogs view the world- there are no monsters, they don't live in the middle of nowhere, the dog's owners are too old to take him for long runs so he doesn't know what his neighborhood looks like and imagines the worst.
11. "The Flintstones" Takes Place in a Post-Apocalyptic Future.T his beloved cartoon classic isn't an accurate depiction of the Stone Age at all, they have TVs, cars and other stuff made to look prehistoric, and above all they celebrate a Holiday that didn't exist then. The Jetsons live in the sky to escape the wasteland below. What if the wasteland has recovered and people live there pretending to live in the stone age, that would explain why humans and dinosaurs live in the same time.
12. "Pokemon" takes place after a great war. This theory says: You have no father, and your best friend is an orphan.Children are going to a journey around the world.Your mother accepts you as the man of the house, making your own decisions.Old man warns you of dangers around the corner.Most people you meet are children and/or gym leaders.Most adult men are either very old, or have a job related to the military or organized crime.Hospitals and gyms are everywhere, but no forms of entertainment such as movie theaters. And LT. Surge says: "I tell you what kid, electric Pokemon saved me during the war!" So: there was a war in Kanto, your father died, and your rival lost his parents, you are among the first generation of people to live in peace at post-war time.
13. The Professor from "The Powerpuff Girls" is Samurai Jack. Look at this picture of Townsville from The Powerpuff Girls and this one from Samurai Jack. Also that guy really does look like Jack. Some people theorize that The Powerpuff Girls imploded and their energy destroyed the city; that would suck wouldn't it?

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