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Innovative or ill-advised? You be the judge. Here are 10 cars that just never quite caught on. Cars Most People Hated.
1. 10 Car Design Duds - Cars Most People Hated
2. Combine the looks of a coupe with the functionality of a sedan and the utility of an SUV, and what do you get? Buyers are staying away in droves; Acura sells only about 150 a month.
3. AMC billed it as the first wide small car because the two-door compact Pacer was more than six feet across. Car and Driver called it the Flying Fishbowl.
4. SSR was badly overweight and overpriced at $42,000 and became an overpriced novelty, which customers quickly figured out.
5. The 8,500-lb., Four-and-a-half-ton Excursion received an Exxon Valdez award from the Sierra Club because of its poor fuel economy and sank without a successor five years after launch.
6. The first modern mass-produced electric vehicle, Only 800 of the range-limited cars with outdated technology found customers.
7. A weird combination of pickup truck and SUV, GM expected to sell 90,000 annually but only 12,000 in 2004 and put the XUV out of its misery early in 2005.
8. A modern interpretation of the classic hot rod, but wickedly unstable because of the light front end, only 1,426 cars, were built during its last year.
9. Subaru tried to create the all-purpose utility vehicle, Subaru sold only one-quarter as many Bajas as planned before ending production.

10. A two-seat SUVwith a T-top and four-wheel-drive, the X-90 was known as the shoe car to some because of its extreme rounded styling. Only 7,205 made their way to the U.S.
11. No four-wheel drive was offered, advertising was sparse, and fewer than 20,000 Jeepsters were built.
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