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Imagination is more important than intellect
1. Transparent TV - This beautiful transparent TV blends in with every living room design. Designer Michael Friebe explains, As the first of its kind, the Loewe Invisio introduces technical innovation, combining conventional LCD and the latest TOLED display technology. This allows to create non-transparent / solid moving pictures with rich color reproduction and full contrast range from solid black to pristine white.
2. Minipresso - This portable espresso machine gives you the luxury you have at home. Its a great gadget for people who enjoy camping but still need a fresh cup of espresso. The Minipresso is very small which makes it easy to take with you.
3. The Tempescope brings the weather into your living room. Its an ambient physical display that visualizes various weather conditions like rain, clouds, and lightning. The Tempescope receives the forecast from the internet. Its a Japanese crowd funded project scheduled for mid-2015.
4. The Epos-Light is a small sales register primarily designed for restaurants. It has the option for a food/drink menu and customers can pay with the device. The orders are directly sent to the bar and kitchen providing very fast service.
5. Furtif Evercut Knives - These knives are so strong youll only have to sharpen them once every 25 years. The surface is made from titanium-carbide making them 300 times stronger than normal knives. Its unique design gives the knifes a really awesome look.
6. The Hapifork is no ordinary fork, it helps you lose weight! The fork vibrates when youre eating too fast, which is bad if you want to lose weight. It measures several things and uploads it to the internet so you can track your progress.
7. The Lockitron is a lock that lets you unlock your door with a phone. With this worrying that you havent locked your door is a thing from the past. It also notifies you if your door has been opened. So even if youre on the other side of the world youll know your door is safely locked.
8. The Miito heats liquids in the vessel to be used. The advantage of this is that youll never use to much water. You can heat all sorts of liquids, so youre not just limited to heating water.
9. ON Switch - This might be a simple gadget but just as awesome as the others. Its a light switch that turns black when its off and shows the word on when the light is turned on. The light switch is designed by Burakov Denis.

10. This transparent faucet designed by Phillippe Starck lets you see the inner workings of your faucet. And aside from that it just looks awesome.

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