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vegetarians beware
1. Starbursts are off the menu because they contain gelatin, which is made from animal skin and bones
2. Some beer, like Guinness, is off limits to vegetarians because it uses fish bladder in the brewing process. All hope is not lost, however. Theres a whole list of beers that are vegan friendly if youre inclined to have a cheeky jug or five every so often.
3. Its harder than you might think to find food that doesnt have animal bones in it. Not sure if this is a secret plan to piss off vegetarians, but it certainly means you cant eat the reduced fat sour cream from Taco Bell.
4. Apparently they do put bones in to piss you off. If youre a vegetarian, you just got a lot pickier. Sugar is made using bone char predominantly from cow bones. The only reason they use it is to make sugar whiter.
5. Apple pie, wholesome apple pie. Youve loved it since you were a kid and guess what? You cant eat it! Just kidding, well not quite, but a lot of recipes are made with lard which isnt vegetarian friendly. Instead, just make it without.
6. If youre hurting right now, dont worry were already half way through. Activia has gelatin and parts of crushed up insects. After hearing that youre probably not to eager to eat it again anyway.
7. You are probably crying a whole vegan river because you cant suck on Altoids anymore. Guess what they contain? Im surprised there are any animal graveyards since all their bones are in our products.
8. Say it isnt so! This favorite dessert has gelatin in it, of course. But dont be jell-ous, there is a recipe for gelatin-free jell-O.
9. If youre a vegetarian and you have eaten Reggiano cheese, then prepare to feel pretty awful about yourself. This cheese is made from the stomach of newborn baby calves.

10. One of the key ingredients in Twinkies is beef fat. It isnt just vegetarians that should stay away from these artery-clogging sugar logs.
11. Theres no excuse for this one. Gummy Bears are actually telling you that they are made out of animals. It is slightly unnerving that they are smiling at you though.
12. These chips are cooked in lard, so hands off. Apparently Grandma Utz is hiding some dark secrets.

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