Category: PIC / Animals 10 Strangest Genitalia In the Animal Kingdom
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Damn Nature - you are a freak
1. 10. The Sea Slugs Hypodermic Penis The appendage, outfitted with several large hooks at its base and spines on the tip, is designed to attach firmly to the female and stab her, injecting her with prostate fluids.
2. 9. Shark Claspers (Double Penis) Despite the fact that its got two, sharks only seem to use one penis at a time, leaving scientists to think that maybe the other one simply serves as an extra, in case of malfunction.
3. 8. Turtles Have Truly Enormous Penises Turtles and tortoises are unnervingly large where it counts. When aroused, a turtles penis can increase by 50% in length, 75% in girth and 10% in depth.
4. 7. Polar Bear Genitals Are Shrinking Polar bears are already very slow to reproduce, with a minuscule sex drive, and several years needed in order to reach sexual maturity. Now their package is shrinking.
5. 6. The Echidnas 4-Headed Penis Echidnae, like the platypus, are monotremes, meaning that theyre egg-laying mammals. As if that wasnt weird enough, theyve also got a penis with four distinct heads.
6. 5. The Water Boatmans Penis Can Reach 100 Decibels The water boatman, a tiny two-millimeter water-dwelling beetle, can sing with their penis. Their penile tones can create a sound wave of nearly 100 decibels. Thats the equivalent of sitting in the front row of a large orchestra concert.
7. 4. Harvest Mice Have Penises Half The Length Of Their Body Pretty impressive for a mouse so, if somebody tries to rib you by saying youre hung like one, remember to thank them for the incredible compliment.
8. 3. Fruit Flies Have Sperm 20 Times Longer Than Their Bodies Proportionally, a 6-foot tall man would have sperm nearly 120 feet long to impress that cute fruit fly lady in the corner.
9. 2. The Mosquitofishs Hooked Penis Llanos mosquitofish live in Mexico, with males typically only reaching about 1.5 inches in length, and females topping out around 2 inches. Males have evolved a fearsome penis with 4 barbs on it, thought to force its way into the female in order to successfully deposit sperm

10. 1. Wasp Spiders Have Exploding Genitals Since spiders only get one chance to mate with a female, theyve evolved a strange process in order to ensure their genes reach the egg first: they break off their modified genitals inside the female to impede any other partners.

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